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Services right now.

InShare,OffShore or Hybrid Services Tailored
to Your Needs that enhances your brands.

Providing High

Quality Assurance

We can fit into your business
process and bring experience
from working in many sectors
using our services today.

Software Testing

We can provide manual and
automation tesing solutions of
any size shape according to
your product and services reeds.


If you are looking for in share,
offshare or hybrid resources,
contact us today. Get your
software working right.

Tailored Training

Software testing and
development best practices ,test
automation, UAT,or product
training such as Dynamics 365.

Where did it All

Start, Our Story.

Rogerio da silva always wantes to share his
experoence in pursuing a software testing carrer.

Now, Rogerio believes it is time to take a step further
Based on his years of experience networking with key
people and companies on software testing, human
resources and software development, he has launched
his professional consulting services via myexpert.solutions




In Practive, Here's what we Do..

Digital Services we offer,

Some of the services we offers directly and/or through our partners

Automation Testing

Automation can help optimise
the budget and reduce the
impact of a digital services crisis
and availabillty. Testing
frame works, testing automation
tools and testing automation
individual expertise based on
preferable client needs.

Project Development

we offer software project
management with experience in
leading and planning software
projects. our team works closely
with your local and remote team
to plan, design, develop,
implement , control and maintain
your system.

Recruitment Services

we work with you and our
recruitment partners to help find
critical stakeholders for your
software development needs.
using our network, we can help
outsource experts from various
parts of the UK and from around the globe.

Testing Consultancy

Software Testing and Quality

we can provide manval
automation texting solutions of
any size, to fit your needs and
with the simple push of a button

Trusted and used by

many big companies.

Get in touch with us

for all your brands

Digital needs

Let us know what you need, and we will
make it happen.

Our services range from out-of-the-box
applications such as Microsoft Dynamics
365, Upgrades, enhancements ,fixes,
Customisations and maintenance strategies
to web applications ,local applications,
front-end ,back-end, API intgrations,
data migration, AI, UI automation and
much more.

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