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We can provide manual testing solutions of any size, according to your needs.

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If you are looking for inshore resources, offshore resources or hybrid resources, contact us today.

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Software testing, development best practices, automation, UAT, scrum master and BA.

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Digital Services We Offer

Some of the services we offer directly and/or through our partners:


Automation can help optimise the budget and reduce the impact of a digital services crisis and an availability. Testing frameworks, testing automation tools and testing automation individual expertise based on preferable client needs.



We offer software project management with experience in leading and planning the software project. Our team works closely with your local and remote team to plan, design, develop, implement, control and maintain your system.



We work with you and in conjunction with our recruitment partners to help find critical stakeholders for your software development needs.
Using our network, we can help outsource experts from various parts of the UK and from around the globe.



Software Testing and Quality Assurance. 

We can provide manual testing solutions of any size, depending on your needs and with the simple push of a button.

Our Story

Where Did it All Start

Rogerio da Silva always wanted to share his experiences in pursuing a software testing career and you can follow his content via his blog www.rogeriodasilva.com. 

Now, Rogerio believes it is time to take a step further. Based on his years of experience in networking with key people and companies on software testing, human resources and software development, he has launched his professional consulting services via myexpert.consulting.

Our Clients

Due to the quality and efficiency of our services, our past clients are still working with us today.

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It is a channel to share our thoughts and observations, with real people discussing what is trending in the world of digital services.

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