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Software Project Development

Digital Services Solutions

Web Applications

Not limiting to just Web but also local applications, we can work with you in the development process from gathering and working o requirement specification, wireframe and prototype design, architecture and database design, the actual development, the testing and QA coverage, the deployment to the live environment and maintenance strategy.

Mobile and Tablet

Mobile App

Are you mobile app ready?

We can help cover the mobile app development process with the following steps…

Project requirement discussions, business analysis and estimation, signing NDA, wireframe of the app, UI/UX design, app development, QA testing, launching the app and the post-production support.


Protective Preventative Maintenance

Based on fundamentals software project management planning and leading software projects, work closely with the local and remote team on the plan, design, development, implementation, control and maintenance.


Help define the most appropiate methodology depending on what is in scope and the budget for the project.


As part of the process, product documentation along with the project to capture the information ‘as is’ and ‘as to be’, aiming on have a legacy of information to support maintenance, etc.


Work on the automation, whenever possible from the start so business leverage the processes and use as regression test pack as the product grows.

Performance, Security and Usability

We can work closely with the business to make sure the non-functional areas are covered as well as part of the requirement gathering exercise.

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