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It is necessary to verify and ensure that the developed item does what it is supposed to do. Software testing is essential to check the new functionality works as intended. A unique feature may break an existing element and by carrying out a regression test, testers can find out about issues before users do so in the live environment.

Therefore, software testing needs to be cross-device and cross-browser, so developers can make adjustments to cover at least the most used devices and browsers. Have you heard of edge cases? Well, it is pretty simple: there is always someone who has the assumption that the user would never do this or that. Then, when the software is released, guess what? The users do exactly what was assumed they would not do. Therefore, exploratory testing is necessary to cover and uncover those instances when the users go to the limit.


Finding issues is just one of the objectives of testing: regardless of the testing methodology applied, a software tester aims to ensure the application developed does what it was supposed to do based on the business requirements, so we deliver the best application we can.

Undoubtedly, the goal is to provide an application to users, providing the best possible experience and quality.

Attention to Details

Simple issues such as an image missing or a button misplaced may not be a big deal.

But consider this: there may be instances where users’ privacy is compromised, or even, times when there is loss of revenue and loss of reputation, or in extreme cases, a life-threatening issue.

To sum it up, software testing is an essential part of software development.


Testers make sure the application has the capability of having multiple users accessing the system at the same time.

The application may not be ready for significant stress or simultaneous load access.

People may have to wait a long time for the application to load, or they may be unable to login, or unable to book a ticket for a trip or a concert amongst many other such situations.


Testers can simulate scenarios, and these can help identify flaws, allowing developers to rectify problems before release.

There are hundreds of devices around the world, with different sizes, shapes, and operational systems. Plus there are several types of browsers—new and old, with and without proper updates. All of those can affect the user directly, resulting in a bad experience when using the application.

Software Testing

Testing Strategy

We work on the testing approach of your software development cycle. From a quality assurance perspective, the goal is to break down the high-level objectives into actual testing activities, in order to meet the ultimate objectives. The creation and documentation of the testing strategy is done systematically to ensure the goals are met and understood by the stakeholders.

We work to help your organisation in preparing the permanent staff for the frequent review and update challenges that they will face as the product evolves. We work closer on the testing strategy with different stakeholders within the organisation, making sure the quality assurance is covered in its terminology, test activities and integration levels, roles and responsibilities of the people involved (both directly and indirectly), traceability and documentation, planning of resources and much more.

Software Testing

Rescue Mission

You have a deadline; an upgrade of the service platform provider is mandatory and your organisation does not have the time, knowledge and resources to complete the task within that particular deadline.

For instance, you may have heard that CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365 has two upgrades a year. Most recently, everyone using its systems must get it upgraded to the new Microsoft PowerApps. Now, your organisation may not be able to handle this due to so many customisations and non-supported interfaces integrated into the system, due to lack of expertise, due to limited resources, or time constraints, or simply because your organisation may not know who to ask.

We can help mitigate and pinpoint the most critical areas to work on, at the same time we can build up documentation and transfer knowledge to your team. This way, knowledge stays in the organisation for future reference and for future upgrades and changes. We have the experience to work on extreme deadlines and with a limited budget.

Software Testing

Test Script

We work on helping you to write and review existing test scripts. What is a test script? It is a set of instructions to be used when performing software testing of a system. It verifies the system performs as expected by the owner and its users.

The test scripts can be written in human language and used for manual testing or as a scripting programming language, then used for automated tests in regression testing, for example.

Software Testing

Testing Documentation

The testing documentation is the documentation of artefacts created before and during the testing of software. The main reason behind creating testing documentation is to reduce and remove uncertainties about testing activities. It helps remove ambiguity, which often arises when allocating tasks.

We work together with your organisation to determine the level of testing formality, depending on: the type of application under test, the standards followed by your organisation and the maturity of the development process. The vital documentation we work on is the testing policy, testing strategy, testing plan, testing cases, testing requirements, traceability matrix, testing scenario, testing data, defect (issue, bug) report, testing summary report.

Software Testing

Regression Testing Automation and Manual

After the implementation of a software update, a fix, or an enhancement to the software, a defect may suddenly appear. You are not alone in such a situation, as this occurs more often than we would like it to happen. A regression test is essential to find out where the issue is, as early as possible. Automated regression testing is a crucial item in ensuring the quality of a project and it helps reduce efforts of repetitive tasks.

However, automated regression testing is a complex effort and requires an effective testing strategy and expertise in test automation. A manual regression testing process is similar to the automated process but perhaps a lot more meaningful, as the stakeholders understand where the most critical stages are that need to be covered. In most cases, a risk-based approach applies. In the majority of the projects, high priority regression testing makes up around 10% of all regression tests created, and this builds up as the software has more changes applied to it during its life cycle. And we can support you with that.

Software Testing

Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 holds hundreds and in many cases, thousands of business-critical processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) tools, used at the core of many organisations.

Due to regular releases, updates and upgrades by Microsoft it is crucial to thoroughly test dynamics-based applications, processes and interfaces connected to it. We have the experience and expertise to get you covered, not only in terms of testing but also in relation to documenting the procedure of transfer of knowledge to your permanent staff.


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